Only Independents????

Are you bored of getting your coffee at the big chains?  Or your pint of mass produced beer at generic pubs?  Or even your Christmas pressies online!!!  I have.  And I always try and drink/eat/shop at local independent places when and wherever I can.

So have you heard about this new Oi Card?  Oi (Only Independents….get it!!!) is a network of independent businesses which rewards customers for choosing to spend their money with independent retailers instead of big chains.

Oi Card

The scheme kicked off in Bradford last week and it seems the number of businesses signing up to it is increasing.

So it is basically a loyalty card for the Indies yeah?  So what do I get out of it?

Having an Oi Card means saving money when you go into an independent business that is signed up to the scheme. It’s as simple as that. You get more for less when you use your Oi Card in a participating businesses than you would if you didn’t have an Oi Card. This saving could be in the form of a discount, or it could be another kind of offer that you wouldn’t get without being a cardholder. And who doesn’t like saving money and getting freebies?

However, the main pull for me is it might just encourage people to try something new.  You may even get to find out about places you have never heard of.  And to me…sitting in a nice bar with a pint of proper beer, or in a café with a decent coffee, is what life should be about.

So go on….why not sign up and support this great scheme, which I’m sure will spread over the land quicker than we might think…..


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